Freshen Up Your Vocabulary: Spring Words

We're not quite done with winter yet, but within weeks the weather should be changing fast, bringing out the sunshine, chirping birds and budding flowers. At this time of the year, activities move outdoors and we all begin to shed our layers. So we've put together some essential vocabulary you might need as the new season approaches. 


Here’s our list of some of the most common spring-themed vocabulary terms you’ll come across when you’re first learning English. Take a look and see how many you can incorporate into your every day English conversations about springtime!


April Showers

This term refers to springtime rain. It comes from the phrase “April showers bring May flowers,” meaning that the rain early in spring brings the beautiful bloom of flowers later on in the season.



This is the word used to describe the buds on a plant opening into flowers. Bloom is also the collective noun you use when you describe a group of flowers.

spring flowers bloom
Spring is the time when nature comes back to life



When there is a breeze in the air it refers to a gentle wind. No longer a wintery howl but just a light breeze that calmly rustles in the trees.



You can easily describe the outdoors and people as cheerful when the weather turns warm. The winter months can take it's toll and affect one's mood. People naturally become happier when the sun shines and flowers begin to bloom.



When someone describes the weather outside as crisp, this suggests it's neither hot nor cold. It's a lovely way to describe a nice bright, sunny spring day. 



Fresh is another term for “new” or “clean.” This word is used often in spring because the season is associated with new life and rebirth.

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When a baby bird is born, it hatches from its egg. You use this word when you describe the act of an animal emerging from the egg it had been incubating in.



Probably the least favored thing about springtime, pollen is a fine, powdery grain that comes from flowers in the springtime, often causing allergies and lots of sneezing.



Who doesn’t love jumping in a puddle? These are small pools of water collected in the ground after the rain. When you’ve got your rain boots on, you’re probably a bit tempted to splash in the spring puddles.

spring puddles
It may leave your shoes a bit wet, but it's so much fun to jump in a puddle



After the rain, a rainbow appears in the sky, which is an arc of colors in the sky caused by the reflection of sunshine in drops of rain.


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