Fun Facts: Most Romantic Holidays Worldwide

Every year on this day, flowers, chocolates, cards and much more suddenly become very popular. Of course, this happens because of the feast of St. Valentine! There are many customs associated with this day, among them the gift of a 'romantic holiday'.

Many are the destinations worldwide chosen as the ultimate romantic trip. We will look at few of the most popular getaway places to get an idea of people's first choice.


Paris has long been considered the most romantic city in the world. It doesn't come as a surprise, then, to have it appear on the list of most common romantic holidays. The city has a lot to offer, including cruises on the river,  delicious food in cafes and bistros, and most of all, iconic sights, such as the Louvre museum, Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower.


The Caribbean is a region characterized by many islands. You'll find white sand, crystalline water, breathtaking sunsets and much more in one of the 700+ islands and islets of this region. The Caribbean is also a very popular destination for honeymoons, becoming one of the most romantic destinations nowadays.


Every couple dreams of going to Venice and enjoy a nice ride in a gondola. The city is both romantic and mysterious, making it even more exciting. Admiring the moonlight shining on the canals makes this city one of the lovers' favorites.


Gaining the label as 'the ultimate destination' among newlyweds, the Maldives share few qualities with the Caribbean. The place is famous for its fantastic coral reef and golden sand. Characterized by few islands, they are considered a relaxing and romantic setting.


Home to good food, nice weather and friendly people, Greece has been and still is an extremely popular romantic destination. Honeymoons are very common and often take 2 shapes. The 'one island choice', in which travelers enjoy spending their holiday exploring that one place, or the 'island hopping' trip. This practice is rather common and allows people to see several islands as part of the one trip.

These are so far few of the most romantic destinations found. Have you got any romantic destination you would like to tell us about? Leave us a comment below.

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