Fun Facts: Careers That Don't Exist Anymore

Due to technological advances in our world, there are many jobs that do not exist anymore. Over the last century, many jobs have come and gone. Services that were once thought to be essential are now considered unnecessary.

Here is a list of jobs that become obsolete:

Yes you guessed it. He is a Lamplighter.

1. Switchboard operator

In the late 1800s through even the 1980s, a switchboard operator was required to switch various switches in order for calls to be connected. Now of course this is all automated.

2. Lamplighter 

This was the title of a person who would go around the city at night and light all of the lamps by hand. They usually held out a long pole with a wick on the end to light the street lights.

3. Elevator operator

There used to be one in every elevator. These people not only had to choose the floor the elevator was to go to, but they had to try and stop the elevator at a precise moment so that it was level with the floor.

4. Lector

They used to get paid to read things like the newspaper and books to people working in cigar factories.

5. Bowling Alley Pinsetter

Before bowling alleys had machines to reset their pins, there were people who did it called pinsetters. It was typically a teenagers job and paid very little.

Pinsetters in action

6. Food Safety Tasters

In the past there weren’t the same testing regulations as today, and innocent testers had to taste the food before it was given out. This is especially true for politicians, kings, and other important people. Since this essentially meant checking the food for poison and other dangerous materials, this job was pretty risky.

7. Necessary Woman

A servant responsible for emptying and cleaning chamber pots.

8. Knocker-up

A man paid to wake up northern mill and factory workers on early shifts.

9. Phrenologist

A diviner of a person's character based on the bumps on a person's head.

10. Lungs

An alchemist's servant whose duty it was to fan the fire.

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Some jobs are nearing extinction but are still holding up in some places. Think about milkmen or chimney sweepers. Other professions became boutique, serving more luxurious needs like shoemakers.

Can you think of any other profession that has died out completely? Please leave a comment below or tell us on our Facebook page!

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