Fun Facts: The Best Ice Cream in London

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We will be showcasing some of best things to see and do in our top destinations. This week, with summer arriving in the northern hemisphere, we're thinking about ice cream and gelato. Read on for where to find the best ice cream in London UK, according to our taste buds.


This is a family-run business all the way from Italy, aiming to deliver the true Italian gelato experience (rich and creamy) to your palate. Scoop only uses high quality raw ingredients, combining them on premises. There are no preservatives or colorants, as all the delicate flavors come from nature. Apart from ice cream itself, Scoop tempts its customers with tiramisu, gelato cakes made fresh to order, waffles and crepes, and milkshakes.

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is a  well-known American ice cream chain, with lots of choice. If 31 flavors is not enough, you could instead create your very own ice cream masterpiece. Unique flavor and topping combinations make for very tasty and nearly endless options. Sherbets, milkshakes, sundaes and signature cakes are available if you ever get bored with ice cream. It’s also a fun place to celebrate a special occasion or even just a hot, sunny day.


This is a very successful Italian brand with gelaterias around Italy, France and England. It draws in the public with the unique shapes of its ice cream. Gorgeously set as petals of flowers, Amorino’s ice cream is not only an indulgence but also a state-of-the-art dessert. Skillful shop assistants will guide you through the many flavors and combine them into a piece of art. It’s not easy to choose, but once you do, a heavenly experience follows. Amorino also offers delightful tiny sweets, such as mint petals, fruit pastilles, crystallized rose seeds and lemon buttons which make a wonderful and delicate gift.


There are more than 650 Häagen-Dazs Shops around the world, including in the USA, Europe and Asia. Their amazing ice cream parlor on Leicester Square is a heaven for ice cream lovers. Offering 24 flavors, there is always a line of ice cream enthusiasts outside the shop, sun or rain. Their ice cream is great quality, with the best ingredients and they have a passion for customer satisfaction. Choose from limited edition flavors, the classics, or some that are only available in the ice cream shop.

Gelato Mio

The aim of Gelato Mio's owner was to reintroduce the art of Italian gelato-making to the UK. By focusing on natural flavors, simple recipes and traditional techniques, they try to deliver the best Italian sorbettos and gelatos. Their flavors range from rich Bacio, loved by chocolate fans, to lighter and more refreshing Anguria (watermelon) and Pera (pear). Italian gelato has 50-60% less fat than ice cream, hence fewer calories. However, it’s still creamier and more flavorsome than ice cream as gelato is served 10 degrees warmer than ice cream, making it easier for you to taste their traditional flavors.


Gelupo, a gelateria and delicatessen, was started by Jacob Kennedy, the owner and executive chef of the famous Bocca di Lupo Italian restaurant in London. This parlor was praised by Vogue, the Financial Times and the Sunday Times, and listed number 1 thing to do in London in Time Out London's 2012 book. Amazing and unique flavours are carefully created by the executive chef in Gelupo’s kitchen. Some mind-blowing combinations such as vanilla and saffron or chocolate and black pepper have made their way to the top favorites among customers. Head to Gelupo, near Covent Garden, for the finest and most unusual ice cream experience in London.

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