Fun ways to learn English in a group

Learning English in a group can often help you stay motivated, and, more importantly, often helps put the fun back into learning! Here are some of the most effective and exciting ways to learn English in various group activities:



Have a go at singing some music! It’s a great way to practice your pronunciation and comprehension, although be warned – not all songs you’ll hear will use perfectly correct English! For an extra touch of competition, split yourself into two teams and see which one manages to get most of the lyrics correct – you can even dress up for added fun. For the more advanced speakers, see if you can sing without looking at the lyrics and rely on your listening skills instead! Karaoke nights are offered very frequently at most Kaplan locations, so you’re sure to find an opportunity to practice!



Why not take learning English to the next level and learn it in the kitchen? Invite a group of friends round to cook together and set rules as to what has to be said in English – for example, see which team can successfully name all of the ingredients in English or remember the most words related to cooking. The real challenge comes when you try to use recipes written in English! At the end, in addition to a delicious, well-deserved meal or treat, you’ll also have a stronger understanding of English.


cooking in group
Cooking is a great social activity


Movie night

Invite a group of friends round to watch a movie! You can use the subtitles to help you depending on your level, or challenge yourself to watch a film completely through in English with no subtitles at all. You can then discuss at the end what you thought, in English of course. Remember, no movie experience is complete without popcorn and chocolate! Sound like fun? Learn a bit more about learning English through movies.


Book club

This is a great option for those of you that have a passion for reading! Set you and your friends a book to read and have regular meetings to discuss this book using as much English as you can. Help each other out with words and passages you don’t understand. Looking for a list of suggestions? Here’s a list of novels that are great for learning English.


books in a group
Book clubs make for great conversation


Playing games

Games are a fun yet effective way to learn English. A great example is Taboo, a game where you get into teams and take turns trying to get your teammates to guess words written on slips of paper or cards. In the full version, alongside each word will be a list of words you’re not allowed to use in describing the target word in order to make it more difficult. (These words are “taboo”!) Whichever team gets the most correct words in a minute wins! For beginners, it’s a great start even without taboo words to try to get your teammates to guess the word however you can!


Keep these tips in mind, and soon you’ll not only have stronger English skills, but also a lot of fun! If you enjoy learning English as part of a group, have a look at the group English courses that we offer here at Kaplan!

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