Fun Facts: Careers That Will Exist in the Future

Last week I talked about professions that didn't exist 10 years ago. Those jobs became available mainly due to technological advances. These advances are not stopping though, the innovations are only going to accelerate. And these changes will make more, different careers available.

So let's look into the future a little bit:

1. Organ farmer

Scientists can already grow some body parts using animals. But in the near future growing new human body parts will be commonplace. Imagine rows and rows of kidneys growing in a sterile environment. Someone will need to control the growth and harvesting of these. Science backgrounds will be important for roles in this area.

2. Printer technician

3D-printed dress for Dita Von Teese

No, not your standard photocopier technician. We are talking the running of print shops which print car parts, maybe even cars. It was only earlier this year when a gun was printed using a 3D printer. Look forward a few years, it may even be feasible to print a whole house! Someone with a highly technical background will be needed to run this. These jobs may even spark a greater focus on manual labour in the UK, ironically an almost lost trade.

3. DNA counsellor

The coding of DNA could mean standard diagnostic doctors such as GPs are no longer needed.  Every person and their health authority will have access to their genetic make-up. You will be able to find out if you are going to have children with genetic defects, if you are genetically predisposed to obesity, diabetes and whole host of other conditions. A counsellor will be need to teach people how to adapt to and cope with their future.

4. Death coach

In the future, genetic screeners will likely be able to predict our approximate time of death based on our genes. A specialized version of DNA counsellors will be dealing with people to help them come to grips with their mortality years. That requires a whole new level of mental therapy.

5. Alternative reality architect

Widespread use of wearable technology, like Google Glass, is almost upon us. It won’t be long before un-augmented reality is boring. We’ll need people to research, write and design the virtual augmentations that will soon be all over our landscape.

6. Lawyers specializing in virtual property issues

How many people  don’t discuss treatment of their social media properties in their last will and testament? And what about ardent devotees of multiplayer role-playing games? Regular players of World of Warcraft, Second Life and Eve Online accumulate virtual property and characters worth real money in the outside world. Theft, hacking, fraud and other forms of virtual foul play have already started to show up into courts – how long until these suits become mainstream, and speciality lawyers are in demand? It's probably less than 5 years.

Marriage in Second Life

7. Remote drone pilot

Though they’re controversial right now, drones have immense potential for the transportation industry. Freight trains, 18-wheelers and even pizza delivery cars could all be piloted from central locations.

8. Urban agriculturalists

Why ship food all the way around the world when it can be grown next door? Next generation produce-growing operations will be located underground, often below the grocery stores where the produce will be sold directly to customers.

Can you think of any other jobs that will be available in the near future? Please leave a comment below or tell us on our Facebook page!

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