Get your top International University place with Kaplan's IELTS course.


Prepare for the IELTS with Kaplan

Want to take the next big step along the path to your future success? Studying at one of the many world-class Universities in English speaking countries is not only an incredible adventure, it’s also one of the best ways to kick-start your career.

Only one small challenge stands in the way before you can impress future employers with your degree from one of these respected Universities; the IELTS test. The IELTS is an internationally recognised qualification to prove your ability in English and without a high IELTS score, you could miss out on your dream university place. Not only that, a strong IELTS score can also help you get the visa you need to work abroad.

Don’t panic though, Kaplan International Colleges have come to the rescue! Kaplan has been expertly tutoring International students to achieve their learning goals since 1938, and we’ve used our experience to create our highly effective IELTS Exam Preparation course.

This specialised course includes 28 comprehensive lessons per week from a well-qualified and friendly English teacher, plus structured study sessions for independent learning. You’ll see your English fluency increase quickly as you take regular practice tests throughout the 5-10 week IELTS course and will be amazed at the improvement you’ve made when you leave. Of course that’s not the biggest benefit; with your new IELTS test score you could be making friends at your new university in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland or the UK in no time.

Can’t wait to get there? Hold on a minute, we didn’t even mention the incredible international school locations you’ll enjoy while you study Kaplan’s IELTS course. We also forgot to tell you about the fascinating local culture and exciting activities you’ll discover with other enthusiastic students from all over the world. Plus of course there’s the great educational and social facilities you’ll get the chance to use in our modern schools and welcoming accommodation options.

So don’t hesitate, if your current English level is intermediate to advanced, enrol in Kaplan’s famous IELTS course today to take this life changing opportunity.

Has Kaplan’s IELTS course already helped your university wish come true? Then leave a comment to let everyone know.

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