Sydney - Australia's paradise

Looking for paradise? Try three steps: 1. Fly to Oceania. 2. Once you get there, turn right, 3. Glide to the Southeast coast and there you have it; Sydney!

Recently voted "most beautiful tourist city in the world" by the readers of the American magazine “Traveller”, Sydney is a city that offers excellent career opportunities, excellent English language schools and brilliant nightlife.

"Sydney Opera House" is the unmistakable symbol of the City with its peculiar architectural structure with spherical section. The opera house is now part of UNESCO World Heritage, opened by Queen Elizabeth II in person in 1973 now offers the best theatrical performances and cultural events in the city.

Such examples are the organizations that Sydney hosts, such as the Australian Ballet, Sydney Symphony, Sydney Dance Company and Theatre Company.

The largest city in Australia is known worldwide for its natural heritage. The Bay National Park in Sydney created in 1975, including mountains, rocky cliffs and beautiful beaches for a total of over 8000 square kilometers of open spaces, is definitely Australia’s pearl.

The sea and the white beaches are the envy of the world. We can see why this is with their host of famous beaches: Washaway Beach, Reef and Obelisk Beach, Chowder Bay and Balmoral Beach. Biking around Sydney with its Harbour Bridge is itself a destination for tourists, where they can visit the many islands such as Clark Island, Goat Island and Shark or embark for an economic and enjoyable cruise to Manly: pretty and popular resort on the sea.

Not to be missed are the Botanical Gardens in Sydney, where you can admire rare tropical plants, the Sydney Aquarium and the National Maritime Museum. But if you love the  Zoo, Taronga is a must! Here you can see Koalas and Tanzania devils as the main attractions. Even lovers of adventure will be satisfied in Sydney with water sports such as canoeing, surfing, kayaking, and also the world's steepest railway: Scenic Railway.

Finally you should not miss out the National Gallery of Australia, which holds more than 70 thousand specimens of Aboriginal art!

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