Timeline of Guinness Ads


Even when it’s not St Patrick’s Day, we can see Guinness adverts on TV, on posters, on beer mats all year round – but what makes the drink so popular? Brewed by a certain Arthur Guinness in 1759, it’s the iconic drink of Ireland and is drunk worldwide, especially during St Patrick’s Day. What’s the story behind the famous slogan used for Guinness “Good things come to those who wait” and the most important question: does a Guinness always taste better in Dublin?

One of the main reasons for its iconic status is its advertising. Either humorous, epic or both, they have had a great run of different ideas, slogans and videos that are universally remembered!

Where it all began

1862 – The harp of Brian Boru is used as Guinness’ trademark, but facing left so it didn’t confuse people with the Irish coat of arms!

1930s – 1940s

Bensons Advertising used animals, most famously the Toucan, to advertise the legendary stout. It was accompanied with the jingle: “Toucans in their nests agree/Guinness is good for you/Try some today and see/What one or toucan do.” for one of their adverts.


Known as the best commercial of all time in 2000, this ad sums up the slogan “Good things come to those who wait”, showing a surfer waiting for the best wave of his life, produced by the advertising agency Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO: See here


A great piece of ad work here – showing the time line reversed and seeing three men at the pub tasting Guinness in prehistoric times… as mud skippers. A must see – another great linking of the slogan! See here


Filmed in Argentina with a budget of 10 million pounds, the ad “Tipping Point” sees a chain reaction of domino tipping on a world wide scale. See here


Bring it to Life – another slogan with another “well crafted” ad – see what we did there? This clip shows a community “making” their world as a parallel to making a pint of Guinness itself – see here


As a testament to 250 years, this ad shows the celebration of Arthur Guinness, now known as Arthur Guinness Day on the 23rd September! See here

As for the questions, here are the answers!

“Good things come to those who wait”: This slogan was used to describe the double pour of a pint of Guinness that is famous in Irish Pubs. If you want to get technical, the best pint of Guinness is poured in 119.5 seconds. It shouldn’t be rushed – and that’s what makes the slogan so famous to this day!

As for Guinness tasting better in Dublin – People often say it is, but why not visit there and see!

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