Halloween Can Be So Much Pun

Halloween, which was once known as All Hallows Eve, started more than 2000 years ago with the Celts and began as a festival of Shemhain, which is a Pagan celebration that marks the Dead. It began simply with neighbours who would share stories of the dead and various festivities including dancing and singing.

Throughout the years Halloween has evolved, and towards the end of the 19th century the Irish immigrants who were fleeing from Ireland’s potato famine helped to nationally popularize Halloween throughout America. This is when dressing up, pumpkin carving, and going door to door for candy became a huge part of the Halloween tradition.

Halloween is one of the spookiest times of the year and can also be a lot of pun! I thought this was a great chance to bring to light some top Halloween puns and jokes, so even if you are not in a spooky mood, or sad that Halloween is over, hopefully this post will help to raise your spirits.

Happy Halloween!

Top Halloween puns:

1. Having a bad spell? – Another way of asking someone if they are having a bad day.
2. If you’ve got it, haunt it – a play on the line 'If you've got it, flaunt it'. Another way of telling someone to show off what they have.
3. Fangs so much – The same as ' thanks so much' when someone has done something nice, but with a Halloween twist!
4. Eye love you –A fun way of using the ultimate sentence in love: 'I love you'.
5. Warts up? – A pun on the term 'what's up' or 'how's it going'. Witches have a reputation for distinctive warts on their noses!
6. Show us your school ‘spirit’ – This term is used when asking people to show some enthusiasm towards certain things, and is often used with schools to show how much you love the school.
7. Don’t spook until you're spooken to – A play on the famous 'don't speak unless you are spoken to' line.
8. Best witches – Used in the same way that you would wish someone luck or the best and a play on 'best wishes'.
9. I’m a pun-king! – A play on the the word pumpkin

Top Halloween jokes:

  1. What do ghosts serve for dessert? Ice Scream
  2. What does a vampire fear the most? Tooth decay
  3. Why can’t a skeleton lift weights? He’s all bone and muscle
  4. Why did the skeleton cross the road? To go to the bodyshop
  5. What do ghosts eat for breakfast? Boo-berries

Missed the joke...?

Jokes can be hard to understand in a foreign language! Here's some help for those who might be a bit lost.

  1. A play on the word "ice cream"
  2. Teeth are what vampires are known for and they would not be able to survive without their teeth!
  3. Bone and muscle is an English expression we use which is similar to the term 'skin and bone' - you might say to someone who is quite thin, "you're all bone and muscle!"
  4. The Body Shop is a famous shop in the UK full of skincare products and other things like that, and also a term for a place you would go to get your car some parts - All skeletons, on the other hand, are missing a lot of body parts!
  5. A pun on the word 'blueberries'. In English, ghosts are known to say "boo!" to scare people.

Want to improve your English skills? Consider studying English at one of our schools all over the world, and maybe you can find a few jokes of your own!

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