Do you have a Hangover? - Word of the Week


Noun: A feeling of illness following too much alcohol consumption.

I'm never drinking alcohol again, I have a terrible hangover after the party last night!

Did you have a bit too much fun last night? Did you wake up with a headache? Do you feel nauseous? Is your body tired and sore? You probably have a hangover!

Hangovers are caused by the ethanol in alcoholic drinks which causes your body to lose an excess of water and makes you dehydrated.

There are a number of popular or 'folk' remedies for hangovers which you can try.

Some people swear by 'the hair of the dog that bit you', which means drinking some of the same alcohol that gave you the hangover in the first place. This may make you feel better, but is unlikely to cure your hangover!

There's a popular mocktail called a Virgin Mary which people cite as a cure for a hangover.

In this author's experience, water, sleep and perhaps a headache pill is the best available remedy for hangovers.

Alcohol consumption is a serious issue for some people, and we urge our students to drink responsibly. Check out the student support section on our site to see the measures we have in place to look after our students while they study abroad. With hangovers, prevention is better than cure; have a look at the UKs drinkaware website for some great information about preventing and curing hangovers.

What is your local hangover cure?

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