Happiness Headlines to Start the Week!



As the week starts again as usual, what better time to provide you with a bunch of happiness idioms to brighten up your Monday? See how many of these you pick up during your travels and/or study!


You don’t need to be rich to feel like a million dollars!


Don’t be lazing about and making puppies – explore the great sights of Canada and feel skookum!


Choose your happiness destination – On top of the world or over the moon. However, if you want to stay on Earth, I’m sure you’ll find somewhere that will have you grinning from ear to ear!


What’s the craic in Ireland? You might have a deadly buzz (nothing dangerous, don’t worry! This is Irish slang for a good time).


Don’t be fair to middlin, but be in great fettle!


Feel as flash as a rat with a gold tooth when you hit the town done up like a dish of fish!

New Zealand

Feel like a box of fluffy ducks in the paradise that is NZ!

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