What are the Hardest English Words?

It’s not easy to learn a language – no one’s arguing against that. But English especially can seem a bit difficult when you first start studying it. Truth be told, this isn’t just true for new English learners – even native speakers have trouble with their own language sometimes! If you’re new to the language, you’ve probably spent a fair bit of time studying up on all the grammar rules to improve your English skills. The trick is not to get scared off by the words that break those rules. There are just some words you’ll never know until you hear someone use them. How many of the hardest English words featured below have you come across in your studies?


So which difficult words stumped our team?


We got our team together and threw a few difficult words at them to see how many of them had heard or used these words before. You’ll be surprised by their reactions!



Words featured in the video


  • Curmudgeon (cur-mud-jin): an ill-tempered or surly person
  • Gasconade (gas-con-aid): extravagant or over-the-top boasting
  • Hoggin (hog-in): a material composted of gravel and sand
  • Lollygag (lol-ee-gag): to fool around or spend time aimlessly




hardest english words dictionary
How many of these words have you come across in your studies?


Some other difficult words that didn’t make our list


  • Rural (roo-rall): a characteristic of the countryside
  • Colonel (Ker-nal): a ranking officer in the military, above a lieutenant
  • Isthmus (is-muss): a narrow strip of island with sea on either side
  • Worcestershire (wur-stur-sheer): the name of a county in the UK famous for it’s savory sauce
  • Anemone (uh-nem-oh-nee): a small, brightly colored sea animal that looks like a flower


Are there any other difficult English words you can think of? Think about all the trickiest English words you’ve come across and share in the comment section below.


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