Hilarious Homophones #3

If you're trying to learn English, you'll know it can be confusing. Homophones are especially tricky. A homophone is a word that sounds the same as another word but has a different meaning. Even native speakers often have problems with homophones!

You may remember our previous Hilarious Homophones #2 illustration. This time our homophones have an animal theme. How many of these homophones can you understand? Take a look below the illustration for a vocabulary lesson.

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Homophones vocabulary:

Grizzly – a large North American brown bear.

Grisly – something that causes horror or disgust.

Guerrilla – a member of a small independent group, which typically fights against larger forces.

Gorilla – a great ape found in the forests of central Africa. It is the largest living primate.

Soul – a style of popular music, combining elements of gospel and rhythm and blues.

Sole – a European flatfish.

Flee – to run away.

Flea – a small wingless jumping insect.

Dear -  used as an affectionate or friendly form of address.

Deer - a hoofed animal with bony antlers.

What did you think? Have you learned any new words? Which was your favorite pair of words?

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