Quick English: Hilarious Homophones [illustration]

We've featured homophones several times on the blog, (check them out here!) but there are so many different ones in the English language worth knowing!

We really loved this illustration showing the differences between some very similar words. Homophones are a big favorite here - keep checking back for more homophone lessons and more grammar illustrations!

homophones illustration

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Homophones vocabulary:

bore - a dull, repetitious, or uninteresting person, activity, or state;

boar - (also wild boar) a wild pig from which domestic pigs are descended;

swot - a person who studies very hard/ swot up - study intensively, as before an exam;

SWAT - ("Special Weapons And Tactics") is a name for law enforcement units which use military-style light weapons and specialized tactics in high-risk operations

tiers -  series of rows or levels placed one above the other;

tune - a song or a melody;

toon - cartoon

What did you think? Have you learned any new words? Which was your favorite pair of words?

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