How an English education with Kaplan can get you the job you always wanted

Exciting city destinations all over the world, new friends from around the globe and a packed social calendar…sounds fun but what does it have to do with a job? Well, when you study English in one of Kaplan International Colleges worldwide language schools, you not only get all this, you also improve your career.


First of all, studying in an English speaking country is a great opportunity to make contacts in the English world that could come in useful later in life. Add this to the fact that while you experience the delights of your new home, whether it’s in sunny Sydney or lively London, you’ll be picking up on local culture and customs. These will help you understand the local way of life, showing you how to impress in an English speaking workplace or do business in English once your studies are over.

Employers will also see your adventure away from home as a sign of independence, proving you’re not afraid of new challenges and can easily adapt to new situations. These skills are vital in the world of work, and make you much more likely to get hired.


As if all that wasn’t enough, learning English is the way to a better education and the incredible career advantages it brings. Of the 2009 QS World University rankings*, all the world’s top 20 universities are in English speaking countries. Kaplan offers specific Exam Preparation English courses to help you pass the entry exams that stand between you and a place at one of these prestigious Universities.

A huge amount of educational internet resources and many of the best known academic books, journals and articles are also written in English. This means when you learn English, you gain access to information that will open the door to a world of job opportunities.

The international holiday of a lifetime that’s also the best way to meet your career goals; studying English with Kaplan is an offer not to be missed.

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