Fun Facts: How to Have Fun at the Beach

We are now well into summer and for many people the best way to enjoy the fantastic weather is to head to the beach.

Here are some popular activities you need to be sure to try while you’re on the coast:

Build a sandcastle
While the reality of your sandcastle-making abilities are unlikely to match your expectations, the process of building something out of SAND is fun nonetheless.

Kaplan students at the beach in Los Angeles

Watch the sunset
Definitely a popular activity with romantic couples, but equally enjoyable if you are alone or with your friends.

Draw in the sand
An opportunity to get creative! Some people simply write their name, while others might attempt something more elaborate. Either way, it’s fun to try some art, however messy.

Take plenty of photos
Not every country is blessed with fantastic weather, so it’s a good idea to make the most of every trip you take to the beach by capturing your fun moments on camera.

You can check out our students' photos (including ones taken at the beach) on our Instagram.

Beach tips:

Get there early!
The best spots on the beach are likely to be snapped up very quickly, so make sure you get there before everyone else to give yourself the greatest selection.

Avoid the tide
The tide may well come up at some point, so to avoid any stress or embarrassment be sure not to choose a spot too close to the sea.

Always wear sunscreen
As funny as it is to resemble a tomato, the sun can be dangerous so make sure you take precaution!

Watch out for the sand.

Some fun facts about beaches:

- The largest tourist beach in the world is Virginia Beach (U.S.), at almost 28 miles (45 kilometers) long!

- You're never more than 73 miles (117.5 km) from the seaside in the UK. Living on an island certainly has its benefits!

- There are an estimated 8,000,000,000 grains of sand per cubic meter on the world’s beaches. If the average length of a beach is 50 meters then that is A LOT of sand. Unfortunately, 75% of these will end up in your shoes, clothes and your couch back home*.

*scientifically proven – I counted

- Most coasts have two high tides and two low tides every day, so if the first high tide isn’t enough to scare you from sitting too near the water then the second one definitely will be.

- If you could evaporate all of the water out of all the oceans and spread the resulting salt over the Earth, you would have a 500-ft layer covering everything. Your food would probably taste a bit salty, though.

Where is your favorite beach? Do you have any great beach stories? Share in the comments below!

Kaplan has over 40 language schools worldwide, and guess what - many of them are in beach towns and cities! To find out more, you can contact us here.


nonetheless - the same meaning as despite that..., or however

elaborate - something complicated or with a lot of detail

make the most of - to enjoy something as much as possible

snap up - to take something quickly

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