How To Learn English Infographic

How To Learn English Infographic

Kaplan asked hundreds of people what helped them learn English. Did watching television shows, listening to music or playing video games help? Read our infographic to learn some interesting facts about what has helped people learn the English language.

Do you agree with our research? Why not leave a comment and tell us what has helped you learn English. Was it the things that have been mentioned in the infographic or was it something else? We might even include your comments in our next infographic!

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This infographic is available in: Italian, Spanish, French, Thai and German.


Bob Marley

“Our father’s legendary music has touched and moved so many people. It’s exciting to find out that his story-telling lyrics can enhance students’ understanding of the English language,” said Cedella Marley.


Junko Kobayashi, President of The Stan Lee Foundation, said: “The Stan Lee Foundation also believes that superheroes have a role in education by promoting learning. We are pleased that Spidey, such a well-known character, has played a major part in helping students study English.”


Jeff Astrof, an executive story editor and writer on several Friends episodes, said of the research: “That’s very interesting, but it makes sense. A couple of months ago in New York I had a cab driver of Middle Eastern descent say, “Could there be any more traffic?” in his best Chandler dialect.

“Friends was a unique writing experience because you could pitch a joke in a small room in an office building in Burbank, then a month later hear random people talking about it. I even saw one of my lines printed on a button, and to this day I have people say to me “Did you come up with the line…?” I always say yes.”

Harry Potter

Keith Hawk, Senior Staff Member at MuggleNet, said: “It is certainly not surprising to the millions of ‘Potterheads’ that the Harry Potter films have been selected as the number one way to learn English through the cinema.”

“The Harry Potter series will assist any child or adult willing to learn the English language through the use of cinematic or literary mediums.”

How to Learn English: Blogger Competition 2012

This infographic was featured in the Kaplan How to learn English blogger competition. The main prize was an the choice between an iPad 3 and a Kaplan English course in San Francisco.

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