How to Make the Most of 2014

At this time of year, many people will make resolutions to lose weight, study harder or reach other personal goals. One very popular resolution is to try to enjoy life to its fullest, but how do you do this? Check out our ideas below to help you make the most of 2014.

New York Fashion Week (United States) 6th – 13th February
The biggest event of 2014 for all fashion lovers, this will be the first of the famous fashion weeks this year (the others are hosted in London, Milan and Paris), and sure to be one of the biggest.

New York’s fashion week is the oldest of the big fashion weeks, dating all the way back to 1943.

Be sure to check out our special blog on Fashion Week and our equally fashionable schools in New York.

How to Make the Most of 2014
The London Marathon

The London Marathon (Great Britain) 13th April
One of the most famous marathons in the world, the London Marathon will feature over 40,000 runners, featuring people running for charity, personal goals and even people in costume.

Although it is too late to enter the event as a runner (entries were full only a few hours after opening!), you can still attend and cheer on the participants. Perhaps it will even inspire you to achieve your sporting goals for 2014.

Since it started in 1981, the event has raised over £600 million for charity.

Chinese New Year (Sydney, Australia) 24th Jan – 9th Feb
Celebrate the start of the Year of the Horse with Australia’s unique take on Chinese culture.

Stuff yourself with amazing food at the Chinese New Year markets and watch the incredible Dragon Boat races at Darling Harbour.

The World Cup (Brazil) 12th June - 13th July
Although this year’s World Cup may be held in Brazil, there is no reason why you can’t get involved and catch football fever anywhere in the world during the soccer tournament.

In many international cities, such as London, New York and Sydney, people of different nationalities love nothing more than to dress up in the colors of their team and cheer their country on.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Great Britain) 1st August - 25th August
Taking place for three weeks in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, the Fringe Festival is the biggest arts festival in the world.

With stages set up across the city and close to 3000 shows to see, you will never be sure of something to do. This festival shows off the best of the world’s theatre, comedy and dance artists.

Lollapalooza (Chicago) 1st August - 3rd August
This world-famous rock music festival has been running since 1991, and now tours not just in the US but also in Chile and Brazil. For the first time this year, the festival will even make it as far as Israel and Argentina!

Lollapalooza is one of the largest festivals in North America and its popularity grows year upon year. If you are into rock music then this is the festival for you!

Oktoberfest (Munich, Germany) 20th September – 5th October
This traditional Bavarian festival stretches back over 200 years and is loved by beer-drinkers the world over.

It’s not all about beer however, as the festival also boasts a huge selection of delicious food: Pretzels, dumplings, cheese noodles, sausages, roast chickens.

Although the real festival takes place in Munich, it is also celebrated all over the world, in cities such as Bristol, Lima and Cincinnati (the largest Oktoberfest celebration in North America).

[caption id="attachment_16009" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Strasbourg Christmas Market"]Strasbourg Christmas Market[/caption]

Christmas Market (Strasbourg, France) 29th November - 31st December
The oldest Christmas market in France, and certainly one of its best.  Strasbourg's Christkindelsmärik market was founded all the way back in 1570 and boasts incredible food, mulled wine and a 32 metre-high Christmas tree!

This four week long event is a must for all Christmas lovers, and will certainly help you end 2014 on a high.

What are your plans to help you to make the most of 2014? Leave your comments below!

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