How To Speak English on Vacation

It’s that special time of year again – vacation season! Before you travel to hot and exciting locations, take a look at some useful English words and phrases below.

The Flight

The last thing you want to do is miss your flight!

When you hear a voice over the speaker system calling for people on your flight to “check in”, this is when you need to go to the “check in desk” with your flight documents, passport and luggage.

When you hear the words “last call”, this means you need to get to your flight as soon as possible, as there are only a matter of minutes until the airport staff close the doors!

The Hotel

When you “check in” at your hotel, you will find out your room number, and give the host your credit card information.

It is also useful to ask what time the hotel opens and closes, to ensure that you will always be able to get to your room.

Ask for your “check out” time, too. This is the time you need to have your bags packed and hand your keys to the reception staff, before traveling back to the airport.

Traveling Around

To travel around holiday destinations, often you can use buses, subways/metros and taxis.

Always make sure you are clear about the “destination”, or the place you are traveling to, and confirm the “total cost” or “total charge”, which is the amount you need to pay, especially before getting into the taxi.

Calling Home

We all like to speak to friends and family at home while we're away. If you would like to use services such as Skype, Facebook or email, look for “wifi signs” or “internet available”, Be careful to check how much money this costs.


To find out information about fun activities such as day trips, boat cruises and sports activities, ask to speak to the “hotel rep” or “activity rep”, as they will help to organise and book these excursions.

Local Restaurants

When you eat at local restaurants and cafes, you will often see the words “service charge” or “tip included/not included”. This is money which is sometimes part of the overall cost, and goes towards the waiter or waitress who has served you. In many places, tipping is expected, so be sure to find out what the customs are!

Using the words “please” and “thank you” will also ensure you have a pleasant experience!

Photos and Videos

Whenever you see the sign “no photography”, this means you need to leave your camera in your bag. At all other times, take as many great photos as you can. These photographs are often called “holiday snaps”.

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