Quick English: Talking About Gaming

Have you ever met another gamer on your travels, but not known how to talk about your shared hobby? Gaming has some specific jargon - words that don't mean anything when you're not talking about video games.  So it helps to learn how to talk about gaming in English, in case you meet someone who plays the same games you do.

Difficulty: Easy

Here are a few questions you can ask if you find out someone plays video games:

"Are you a console or PC gamer?"

Consoles include XBox 360, Playstation 3 (PS3), and the Nintendo Wii (although most gamers don't think the Wii counts as a full console). PC gamers prefer to use a computer. If you are a console gamer, and the person you are talking to uses a PC, you might have an argument.

"Do you play online?"

If you play the same games on the same console, playing with other people online is a great way to improve your English. Playing co-operative games (games where you play together) like Diablo or Borderlands is a good way to do this. (Tip: Borderlands 2 comes out this month!).

If they also play online and you would like to play games against or with each other, you could ask them:

"What is your gamertag?"

People who use an XBox or a Playstation will both have gamertags (but you can only play against someone with the same console)

Difficulty: Medium

"What type of games do you play?

If you ask someone this, they will probably tell you some game genres. "Genre" is a French word for "category". Here are a few general ones

  • First-Person Shooter (or just "shooters") - E.g. Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Borderlands
  • Strategy - E.g. Starcraft II, Command & Conquer
  • RPG (Role Playing Games)/jRPG  - E.g Skyrim, Fallout 3, Final Fantasy XIII-2
  • MMORPG (Massively-Multiplayer Online RPGs) - E.g. World of Warcraft, Eve Online
  • Sandbox games where you build things, like Sim City or Minecraft

Mobile/Casual Gaming

Drawsome by OMGPOP

Some people don't play games on consoles or computers, but have loads of games on their iPhone or Android Phone.

One game that's really good for learning English is Draw Something. This works like the board game Pictionary, except you have to draw a word on your phone, and then someone else guesses what it is. It can be a great way to pick up some new words!

By the way: did you know that Kaplan has created its own English learning game for iPhone and Android?

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