How to talk about jobs and careers

Image courtesy of Dell Photos on FlickrWhether you are studying, working or looking for that dream job, the idea of careers is always a big part of our lives and is usually a big topic of conversation no matter who you’re talking to! In this guide, we’ve provided some phrases about how to talk about jobs and careers as well as adding details.

The main question will probably be: What do you do?

  • I’m working as a …
  • I’m studying … (subject) at … (school/college/university name)
  • I’m currently unemployed…

Some details could be:

  • I work part time/full time/contract/ freelance/ I’m self employed
  • I study part time/full time

Question: How long have you been working there?

  • I have worked here for …
  • I started in …
  • I’m contracted until …

Where do you work?

  • I work for … (company name)
  • I work in … (place)

How are you finding it?

A very open ended question indeed! We don’t have every answer, but here are probably some of the most common replies:

  • It varies every day!
  • It’s very busy. There are a lot of things to do!
  • I’m really enjoying it!
  • It’s very challenging/ difficult!

We hope you’re enjoying what you’re doing at the moment! Why not leave us a message about what you do?

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