How to Tell A Ghost Story

Ghost stories are meant to be suspenseful and scary, and telling a good ghost story is a tough job. How do you tell a story so scary that your friends can’t sleep? It can be hard to tell a good ghost story, but with some help, and a little practice, you’ll be scaring your friends all Halloween!.

Here’s our list of tips on how to tell a good ghost story at your next campfire or Halloween party.


1. Set the scene. If you’re telling a ghost story in the middle of Starbucks on a sunny day, it’s probably not going to work. But if you’re in the middle of a field in the dark, even a silly story becomes scary.


2. Make it a “true story”. Even if it isn’t a real story, tell everyone it is. And then, make it sound real. The more realistic it sounds, the scarier it is. The story happened to your friend’s friend, or your cousin’s boyfriend, or someone else that you know (even if it didn’t).

One night, my cousin’s friend was walking home late at night after she had been out with friends.


3. Tell a story people can relate to. If you’re in the woods, set the story in the woods. Make your characters similar to the people in your audience.

Alicia had been out for dinner after class, but she missed the last bus and had to walk an hour to get home. She lives in a very quiet neighborhood, near the woods.


4. Be dramatic. Put a flashlight under your chin, make quick movements during suspenseful parts of the story, or grab onto someone who is a bit nervous. This will get your audience much more involved in the story.

With her headphones in, she didn’t hear the cyclist pull up to her, but suddenly she felt a BUMP when he rode into her and pushed her over.

She saw the cyclist for a moment, and he was just a child… but by the time she got up, he was gone. All that was left was an old blue kid’s helmet in the middle of the road.


5. End the story with a surprise, or a cliffhanger. If you’ve told the story about an old cabin, for example, tell everyone that the cabin you’re in is where the story happened.

Alicia was really confused and scared, and walked home carefully, constantly looking behind her for the cyclist.

When she got home, her parents were sitting at the kitchen table, crying. Her younger brother had died on vacation. He was cycling down a mountain and crashed into a tree, where his blue helmet was caught.  It was the only thing the police could find of him.


And one of the best tips is to do your research! Read lots of ghost stories, like the Goosebumps book series, or research urban legends. The more ghost stories you read, the better you’ll understand how they work.

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