How To Use Public Transport

Using public transportation in a new city can be very confusing. If you think about all the people trying to get to school, work, or to see friends and family, you can see how public transport can be very busy. Everyone is trying to reach their destination in the fastest way.

To make things easier for your journey, here are some questions to ask when using public transport.

At the Ticket Booth

  • Can I put money on my travel card?
  • Could I buy a ticket to __________?
  • How much does a ticket cost?
  • How much is a return (or round trip) ticket?

On the Bus or At the Bus Station

  • Where is the bus stop?
  • Where does this bus go?
  • Which bus should I take to get to _________ ?
  • Does this bus go to __________ ?

Going To the Train Station or At the Train Station

  • Where is the nearest train station?
  • When will the next train arrive?
  • What line should I take?
  • Which train should I take to get to__________?

On the Train

  • Is this train going to _____ ?
  • How many more stops until ______ ?
  • What time will the train arrive at my destination?
  • Where is the bathroom/toilet?

We hope that these questions and phrases will make your journey less stressful. What other phrases or words would be useful when dealing with public transport? Share them here!

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