How to use Facebook to Learn English

Last month, I spoke about how to use Twitter to learn English. This was a popular topic for our blog readers, so today; we are going to look at how to use Facebook to learn English.

1) Groups and pages

Facebook has lots of groups and pages that can connect you to other English learners and offer you free practical lessons to help you with all aspects of English learning.

Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Kaplan International Colleges:  As this is our own page, I couldn’t help but mention it! Our Facebook page has a variety of fun material to help English learners including our blog posts, word games and interesting infographics.

Learn English – British Council:  This is a great page for learning English skills for all types of situations, from improving your CV to building your vocabulary.

Learn English as a second language: This page offers lots of language tips including idioms word games and grammar practices.

Fluency MC – I introduced Fluency MC, aka, Jason R Levine in last month’s post, as he also has an awesome Twitter account. Fluency MC uses really fun and innovative ways to teach English to foreign students, including rap videos!

We have our own Facebook page dedicated to help language learning!
We have our own Facebook page dedicated to help language learning!

2) Practice posting your status

You can practice simple English by posting things that are happening to you, which is a great way to practice speaking in the first person. Asking questions is a great way to practice English. Then, your friends can respond back to you and you can start a conversation online.  This also means that lots of people can join in the conversation with you!

Asking questions in your status is a great way to get people talking to you!
Asking questions in your status is a great way to get people talking to you!

3) Connecting to English speaking friends
Have you recently been traveling or studying abroad and made lots of new friends? If so, Facebook is the perfect place to communicate with them and also to continue practicing your English!  You can talk to people and get instant responses back, so it is a time effective way of learning.
There are lots of ways to communicate on Facebook; you can practice your language skills one to one in a Facebook message, you can post on someone’s wall or reply to statuses all in English.
4) Change your default language to English
Facebook has a spell checker, so if you set your default language to English, it will correct your spelling mistakes! This can also help you to improve your vocabulary as you get to find out new words that you may not have known before.
For example, do you know what these phrases mean?
  • News Feed
  • Relationship Status
  • Update Status
  • Edit Location
  • What's on your mind?
Do you use Facebook on a regular basis to learn English? Which other social media channels help you with language learning?
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