How to use YouTube to learn English speaking skills

This summer, we wrote a blog about how to use YouTube to learn English. Lots of you said that you found it useful, so we decided to bring you even more videos that we think can help you to learn English.

In the first of our new series, we are looking at YouTube videos to help you with your English speaking skills.


  • You may have seen teacher Minoo on the blog before. She is a friend of Kaplan and a teacher for Anglo-Link. Anglo-Link teaches all aspects of the English language, including improving your fluency, pronunciation and listening skills, which are all essential when practising speaking in English.
  • For us, speaking on the phone is one of the hardest tasks to manage in another language, so this video is really useful, especially as she explains the differences between informal and formal language!

English with Jennifer

  • Jennifer offers video lessons for people who want to learn English. There are lessons for beginners and for more advanced learners, plus lessons to improve writing, grammar and pronunciation.
  • These videos appear in set lists, which are easy to follow as lessons. In the video below, Rachel is teaching pronunciation of vowel sounds, which can sometimes be tricky for non-native speakers:

Rachel’s English

  • Rachel is a very popular teacher on YouTube and featured in our previous blog. She specialises in American pronunciation. She adds a new video every week and goes into lots of detail about how to use mouth positions.
  • Her videos range from how-to instructions, idioms and a fun series called "How to pronounce American English in real life":

Have you found any of these videos useful? What do you use to improve your English speaking skills?

If you’d like to see more videos from our own team here at Kaplan please click here.

Stay tuned for more suggestions next month on how to use YouTube to learn English!

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