Humorous Homographs

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Homographs are words that have the same spelling but a different meaning.

The verb bear ("to carry") and the noun bear ("large mammal") are homographs with the same pronunciation and different etymological origins.

The verb alternate ("to go back and forth") and the adjective alternate ("following by turns") are homographs with different pronunciations but close etymological origins.

Homographs Vocabulary:

Bat 1: - a usually wooden implement used for hitting the ball in various games.

Bat 2: - a nocturnal, flying mammal.

Cool 1: - fashionable and hip.

Cool 2: - moderately cold.

Drum and Bass 1: - a type of electronic music with fast breakbeats (also written as drum 'n' bass).

Drum 2: - a percussion instrument played with sticks. Bass 2: - an edible marine fish.

Pool 1: - a pool suitable for swimming. Shark 1: - typically, a large, predatory fish.

Pool Shark 2: - a good player of pocket billiards.

Tear Up 1: - to pull something apart by force.

Tear Up 2: - an act of crying.

You can find the separate homograph illustrations here:

Baseball Bat
Cool Kid
Drum and Bass
Pool Shark
Tear Up

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