Hurricane Sandy Updates for KIC in the USA


Hurricane Sandy landed late afternoon on Monday 29th October, eastern US time.

Latest Update:

East Village- resumed operations this morning (November 5th), as previously announced

Midtown (56th Street)- we are happy to  announce the Midtown school will be operational as of November 6th. Students have been informed and should report to the school according to their regular schedule.

Make-up classes for KIC New York As mentioned below, make-up classes will be offered at the Empire State on November 3rd, 10th and 17th. The make-up classes are available for all students in the 3 NY centers.  Students need to sign up per instructions on my previous email.

Make-up classes for KIC Boston area / KIC Philadelphia / KIC Washington We are happy to announce that we will also be offering make-up classes at these centers. KIC Boston, KIC Harvard and KIC at NEU will each offer make-up classes for the one school day that was missed while KIC Philadelphia and KIC Washington for the 2 school days that were missed. Students have been informed of the make-up class schedule.

The latest information from each school will be posted on our college Facebook page. Please check on Facebook for regular updates:

New York Empire State:

New York Midtown:

New York East Village:



Boston Harvard Square:

Boston Northeaster University:


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