IELTS Preparation Unit 8: Grammar - Nouns & Verbs

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For IELTS Reading, Listening and Writing, it is essential to use the correct form of words.

Confusing nouns and verbs is a very common mistake. There are 3 simple steps to remember to take.

Step 1: Think of the job the word does in the sentence
Step 2: Think about the differences between noun & verb spelling
Step 3: Re-read your work to check what you have written

The mistakes may be due to:

• spelling
• mis-identification of the word needed
• lack of knowledge


1) ______________ in the number of cars on the road means city center traffic is worse than ever.

Does the answer need a noun or a verb? If it is a noun, you will usually have to include the article too.

an increase (n.) ✔

2) Nowadays, governments give citizens simple, effective _________ regarding ways to protect the environment on an individual scale.

Does the answer require a noun or verb? Be careful of uncountable nouns as there will not be a/an/the to help.

advise (v.) x vs. advice (n.) ✔

3) As a result of deforestation, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere  _________ and there is _________ in the Earth's temperature too.

Be careful of nouns and verbs which have the same spelling. You will need to include the article with nouns.

rise (v.) ✔ a rise (n.) ✔

Now it's your turn. Decide whether the words need to be nouns or verbs and then choose a suitable word for each space. Remember the 3 steps above!

1) Litter is a huge ___________ in the modern world. Individual families can ________ the level of pollution by throwing rubbish in bins.

2) Some countries are currently experiencing extreme weather conditions with either _________ or _________ in temperature, reaching +50 and -40 in some areas.

3) Greenhouse gases are a major _______ for environmentalists around the globe as they fight with ___________ to ___________ carbon emissions.

There are several words you can use in the exercise questions above: Share your answers in the comments and we'll let you know if you are correct! 

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