Kaplan Create Illustrations For English Learners

Kaplan International Colleges has launched a new range of illustrations designed to help English learners.

Kaplan are creating colourful cartoons and illustrations which aim to helping people learn how to speak English like a native by using common phrases and idioms.

The first in a continuing range of illustrations include happiness and animal idioms as well as homophone examples which explain the difference between words that sound the same. Future illustrations will focus on homographs and English grammar exercises.

Martin Hofschroer, Marketing Executive at Kaplan, said: “We hope that our students and English learners everywhere will enjoy these new illustrations. English is such a colourful language with many quirky phrases and expressions so we thought why not show this in a fun, visual way.

“We’re working with a whole host of designers who have their own individual styles. I’m really looking forward to the next illustration and I hope our students and social media followers are too”

Kaplan will publish each new illustration on their blog and then subsequently share it on their Twitter and Facebook pages. Subscribe to Kaplan blog post via email and you will get the latest illustrations delivered straight to your inbox.

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