Instagrammer Captures English Learning Experience In New York

Ido Simyoni, a growing celebrity on the photo-sharing site Instagram, is to capture his Kaplan International Colleges English learning experience in New York.

The Israeli television producer and casting director will be sharing his daily experiences of living in the Big Apple and studying on one of Kaplan's vacation English courses in New York by uploading photographs from his mobile phone to the popular network Instagram.

Over 40,000 followers will catch a glimpse of Ido's daily journey as he soaks up the culture, the history and the landmarks of America's most famous city at the same time as trying to learn English in New York.

Rob Pickstone, Kaplan's Social Media Manager, said: "It became apparent that Ido could share his Kaplan Experience in an exciting and visual way not seen before. Not only that, but Ido could also encourage other students to share their experiences.

"Letting go of control and encouraging customers to represent a brand is a concept that many companies still struggle with in this era of social and digital media, but Kaplan encourage students to tell their story."

Visit Instagram and search #KaplanExperience, or click on this link, to see what Ido and other Kaplan students have been up to.

Ido has previously studied on one of Kaplan's English courses in London and he also shared his experience on Instagram with colourful photos of cosmopolitan Covent Garden, the historic Tower of London and the colourful Brick Lane.

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