Intensive English course for adults in Los Angeles: Jonathan's story

Jonathan, a 26 year old from Marseilles, France, chose to study English for a semester in Los Angeles, where he got to enjoy the sun and stunning beaches all while improving his English. He told us about his experiences, which you can watch in a video below. 

How did you find out about Kaplan?

I was doing research to find an English school, and I found the Kaplan website. I learned about a lot of schools, and then I made my choice! A friend of mine also took an English program with Kaplan and he was very satisfied with it.

Which program did you choose to study?

I began to study with Kaplan in October 2013, for a 6 month program. I started at Elementary level, because I could not speak one word of English, and now after 6 months I am Higher Intermediate. My English skills are much better now.

Why did you choose to study in Los Angeles?

When I was young, I loved watching films in Los Angeles, including films about the LA Lakers basketball team. My first choice to study was California for that reason. I love the climate and the beach and you can never get bored because there is so much to do here! 

What is your accommodation while you are here?

My uncle lives here so I am staying with the rest of my family just 20 minutes from the school.

Was it easy for you to make friends at school?

Very easy, yes!  People always come and talk to you, especially on the first day you arrive in the school. After, the best way to make friends in school is during breaks or over coffee. Everyone is very nice here! I have made many friends from around the world and we learn about each other while we practice our English. 

Why did you decide to learn English?

First, I am a person who loves to travel. The problem is that, until now, I did not take 100% advantage of my trips because I only spoke French. The second reason is that I want to change my job and I am interested in international jobs. 

Do you think you will return to France when you finish your course with Kaplan?

I want to stay here, but I will have to return to France. What is certain in any case, I will come back to Los Angeles!

Would you recommend Kaplan to your friends?

Yes definitely! I did not know Kaplan but now I can say that it is a very good school, I have never had a problem and I truly had a great time.

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