Intensive English course in the UK: Phuwin's story

Phuwin, a 17 year old high school student from Thailand, told us about his experience studying intensive English in the UK, in the home of Cambridge University.

Why did you choose to study with Kaplan?
I found this particular course interesting, including the special elective lessons, where you can choose what you want to study by yourself. Everything I've learned so far is currently improving me lots.

What is the best thing about the teachers?
I have a wonderful teacher. All the teachers know exactly what my problem is and always give good advice. They make our class exciting and we are full of laughs in every class.

We also have nice books, I can do exercises to improve my grammar, including those already given in class. There are tips that can help me a lot. It is a modern book as well. You can understand it, it is not complicated, it's completely perfect.

Has your English improved?
My present is a far cry from my past... my first lesson. My English is definitely getting better.

What do you think of Cambridge?
This city is a flawless city and sometimes a quiet town. Most people are friendly and kind. I can see gorgeous scenery in Cambridge and I can go punting with my friends. Only in Cambridge!

How would you describe your Kaplan Experience?
I've met fantastic friends, quality teachers, there is modern instructional media and an experience that you cannot get from elsewhere.

What do you like most about your accommodation?
Kaplan decided to give me great accommodation. I have a great host mom, she always cooked my favorite foods. I got the best bedroom as well!

What is the best thing about studying with international students?
The different cultures, and the different accents. I personally think it is the best thing that I can get from here, because in real life I have to use my English skills, and I have to be able to understand different accents no matter where they come from. English is an international language, which means everyone can speak English, including for work. And the last thing you will get from here is experiences... more than just the English language, you get a good experience.

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