Intensive English courses: Anastasiia's story

Anastasiia, a 25 year old student from Russia, shares her experience studying on an Intensive English course in Ireland at Kaplan's Dublin English school for just over a month.

What were you doing before studying at Kaplan?
I work as an accountant in an international company in Russia.

How has your English improved since studying at Kaplan?
After three weeks, I am already able to speak and listen better and my vocabulary increased.

What do you love most about Dublin?
I love Phoenix Park and the deer that live there. It's a very large park.

What do you like about the school?
The social program is very good, as well as the online study and study center.

What do you like the most about your teachers?
They are very friendly and helpful.

Why would you recommend Kaplan to your friends back home?
There are so many ways to improve your English here and there a lot of students from many different countries, so you learn about cultures and make friends.

What do you plan to do after you finish studying?
My plan is to continue studying English and apply my English to my job.

Do you think this course has helped you with your future goals?
Yes, it has. I want to change my job and next year I want to study abroad.

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