Intensive English in Torquay - Anja's Story

Anja, a 16 year old from Switzerland, shared her experiences studying 3 months of intensive English in England. She tells us what life is like in Torquay and about her English language progression.

How did you find out about Kaplan?
I found out about Kaplan from a friend of my mother, who is an English teacher in Switzerland.

What were you doing before choosing to study at Kaplan?
I was at school, and now I finished my school and am looking for an apprenticeship.

How has your English improved since studying at Kaplan?
I think now I am much better at grammar and my speaking is better too. I feel more confident than when I started.

What do you love the most about Torquay and your school?
I really love Torquay, it's on the sea and it's beautiful. The school is amazing- the ambiance is like a big family. You feel so comfortable and at home.

What do you like the most about your teachers?
I like to go to school because it's interesting and the teachers make learning fun. They are funny but you learn so much this way.

What has been your best experience at Kaplan so far?
I have met people from around the world. It is fantastic.

How do you think studying English with Kaplan will help your future?
It's an interesting and good experience, and yes of course it will help my future - that is for sure. Kaplan Torquay is great, I will always recommend it.

What do you plan to do after you finish studying?
I would like to be an apprentice in a hotel on reception.

Do you think this course has helped you with your future goals? How?
Yes, very much. I need English for my job because I need to work with people from all around the world. Now I can communicate with them so I am really happy - thank you Torquay!

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