Preparing for an international career: Julieta's story

Julieta, an 18 year old student from Colombia, studied General English in England, at our Kaplan Torquay school. She tells us about her reasons for studying in England and how English will help with her career goals.

Julieta, who studied English in England

Why did you choose your course?

Because I want to learn English. I want to be a professional in the language. I need this language because my career, international relations, is about cultures and languages.

What is the best thing about the teachers and teaching method?

You have to know that the teachers are incredible. They understand that you come here to learn and to know things. They support you in everything you need. It's very good.

What do you think of the K+ learning materials?

The Kaplan books are a useful tool because you can find the solution to all of your questions and a lot of information about the grammar, spelling and vocabulary. The Kaplan online program helps me during the weekends because I can review all the lessons from the week.

What do you like most about Kaplan Torquay?

My teachers are the best, I think they are the best company when you are in school because you can find a friend that can teach you and listen to you when you need something.

Torquay is a beautiful town, it's small but you can find a lot of things like pubs, discos and the amazing sea. The people are very nice too.

Why did you choose to study in the UK?

I chose this country because I want to learn the true English. I don't want to study with a lot of other Latin people, I want to stay away from the Spanish language. My agent told me that this town is very good if I want that.

How did you find out about Kaplan? 

My cousins did an exchange with Kaplan and they had an amazing experience.

How would you describe your Kaplan Experience?

Oh my God, how can I explain it! I have been in Torquay for only 3 months and I have met a lot of friends, my English is improving every week, and I feel great.

What kind of accommodation did you choose?

I selected host family because I think you can learn a lot. You are always having conversations in English. I like my family and my bedroom, and the food is amazing. My host family is very good, the parents are very friendly and adorable.

Can you tell if your English has improved?

Yes, I can tell because I feel very good when I talk with my teachers, my host family and my friends I feel very comfortable because I know a lot of vocabulary.

Would you recommend studying at Kaplan to friends, and would you study with Kaplan again?

Maybe I can use Kaplan again because it's a very good experience, but if I don't use Kaplan again, I will talk all of my life about my incredible experience and recommend it to all my friends.

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