Introducing...Kaplan's English school in Bournemouth, UK

Back in the 1800’s, visitors started flocking to this coastal town in the South of England to experience the mystical ‘healing powers’ of its fresh sea water. Today though, the prudish long sleeved bathing costumes of Britain’s Victorian era have been replaced by bikinis and surf shorts and Bournemouth has gained a new youthful feel…perhaps those waters really are the secret to staying young!

Bournemouth isn’t all about sandy beaches (though it does have an impressive 7 miles of them); in fact one sixth of the town’s area is made up of lush green parks and plantlife. Many of Bournemouth’s 16000+ students like to spend time between lessons relaxing in these chilled out natural habitats, and who can blame them, when the town gets 7.7 hours of glorious English sunshine per day in Summer?

All that’s great, I hear you say, but what happens when the sun sets and the stars come out? Well, don’t worry; Bournemouth  isn't going to let you down there either! The local students, from Kaplan’s English Language School in Bournemouth and a host of other local colleges and Universities, make sure to maintain the town’s reputation as one of the best places for a night out in the UK, with a huge variety of lively restaurants, cinemas and bars to choose from.

Put a new spring in your step, by visiting Bournemouth and its magical waters today.

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