Introducing...Kaplan's English School in Perth

There are some people who think if you’ve seen one city, you’ve seen them all. They’re wrong; Perth is truly one of a kind.

Perhaps it’s the remote location, but there seems to be something about Western Australia that has led to some of the strangest and most fascinating habitats on the planet. Where else can you find the incredible, out-of-this-World beehive landforms of the Bungle Bungle range to the North, the towering Eucalyptus trees of the Karri forest to the South and the laid-back city of Perth in between the two, on the edge of the warm waters of the Indian Ocean?

With such impressive surroundings, you’d expect half the World’s population to have packed their cases and swarmed to Perth like bees, but in fact one of the best things about Perth is that the stressful, noisy crowds are nowhere to be seen. Despite a large and vibrant population, which language students from Kaplan’s Perth School quickly become part of, there is always somewhere to go for a bit of peace and quiet under the glorious warmth of Perth’s ever-present sunshine. Choose your haven amongst the city’s large number of spacious parks and golden beaches, every one more idyllic than the last.

Don’t be fooled by the relaxed atmosphere though, there’s still plenty of life in Perth, whether you want to try your hand at Australia’s exhilarating watersports or visit one of the city’s many lively bars and restaurants. There’s even a brewery and café on what was once a crocodile farm! Add to this the professional benefits of the city’s fast growth rates and you start to see why Kaplan’s Perth English School is the perfect place to work, rest and play.

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