Introducing Study30+ in London’s Leicester Square

We always make excuses about learning something new too late, but age really is just a number. Whether you want to reach a higher level of English proficiency, develop your international career, or brush up your skills in time for a business trip, it’s never too late to learn English at our dedicated 30+ school in London’s Leicester Square.


Why our London Leicester Square location is so special


By choosing to study at our 30+ London Leicester Square school, you will be surrounded by likeminded individuals wishing to improve their English, giving you a quiet environment to relax and study alone or with peers. Though we have three other Study30+ destinations, our London Leicester Square school in dedicated purely to 30+ students, which is why it’s a perfect destination to perfect your English.


People from all over the world visit London to work, study, and explore, making it the perfect destination for you to practice your English outside the classroom. As one of the business capitals of the world, London is an excellent place to be if you’re looking to further your career.


Located in the heart of London’s West End, with sights such as The National Gallery and Covent Garden within walking distance, you’ll always find something to do or see in one of the world’s busiest cities. After class, you can eat in front of the Thames at the Southbank Centre Food Market or take in the views of the city with a glass of wine at the top of the Shard.


Study in our exclusive 30+ school in the heart of London – minutes from Trafalgar Square


Why Marcelo chose Study 30+ at our Leicester Square school


Whilst working back home in Brazil, Marcelo wanted to improve his English skills to enhance his promotional chances at work. Whilst he was working in a satisfying job, he realized that his next promotion required a certain level of English proficiency that he just didn’t have. After leaving Brazil to study a 30+ English course at Kaplan’s Leicester Square school in London, he now feels confident launching his international career.


Everybody on the program shares the same passion and desire to learn and improve their English skills, and completing the Study30+ program is only the start of Marcelo’s language adventure.


30+ school
Meet Marcelo, a Brazilian who chose to study in our 30+ school in London 





Our other Study30+ locations


Study30+ also operates in our Liverpool, New York Central Park and Toronto schools – some of the most diverse and dynamic cities for business in the world. Though our Leicester Square school only accepts 30+ students, our other 30+ destinations have separate areas dedicated to 30+ students, each with their own activities, facilities and study spaces, reducing distractions and creating a focused environment to work in.


Toronto: a city of two worlds 


Study with like-minded students in Toronto 


Stroll along the waterfront of Lake Ontario or take a walk through the metropolis of skyscrapers beneath the CN Tower.


Our 15 classrooms are fitted with interactive whiteboards and situated in a modern building located in the heart of Toronto’s business district. Only a few minutes’ walk from the CN Tower, you’ll have room to explore the many restaurant and art galleries that surround the school.


Feel inspired? Study at our 30+ Toronto English school.


New York: the city that never sleeps 


New York
Students will love studying in our brand new Central Park school


Enjoy the views of the city at the observatory of the Empire State Building or take a ferry out to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.


Conveniently located next to Central Park, this new school offers brand new facilities, including 12 spacious classrooms all fitted with cutting edge technology, each with a view of Central Park.


Find out all about our new 30+ New York Central Park location. 


Liverpool: the historical city of wonder 


Liverpool is the perfect destination for over 30 students


Explore the Royal Albert Docks or visit Liverpool’s Cathedral, the largest cathedral in the UK.


Our school is only a short walk from the historic Royal Liver Building and Moorfields underground station, making it easy to explore one of the UK’s most affordable cities. The school contains 13 classrooms, a study center and student lounge, all within a Grade II listed building.


Our 30+ Liverpool English school is a great destination to start your language journey.


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