Introducing...Kaplan's English school in Washington D.C.

Kaplan International's English School In Washington DC

As the capital of the United States, you would undoubtedly expect Washington D.C. to be American born and bred, and it is, with a list of US historical attractions long enough to fill a whole book including the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials. On the other hand, as the home of around 175 foreign embassies and the World Bank headquarters, not to mention one of Kaplan’s English language Schools, Washington DC is also a major international city. This creates a truly welcoming atmosphere for visitors from all over the globe while it serves them a warm slice of American culture.

You probably already know about Washington’s most famous resident, the current US president who lives, of course, in the monumental White House, but you might not know that the city also houses thousands of students, including those of George Washington University and the Kaplan International Colleges’ Washington English Language School. This combination of political prestige and student culture makes Washington D.C. an excellent study destination and the perfect place to make lifelong friends.

But wait! What do all these students do once lessons are over? That’s when Washington really starts to heat up: the famous U street offers 9 whole blocks jam-packed full of buzzing bars, stylish shops and romantic restaurants. This thriving neighbourhood is also known for its great live music scene, featuring many atmospheric jazz and blues venues; so Washington DC definitely has soul and a lively party spirit.

If you have a spare moment, or if all that nightlife has worn you out, the leafy riverside pathways of Washington’s Rock Creek Park offer the perfect peaceful escape, but I can guarantee you’ll be rushing back to the bright city lights in no time.  Once you visit this incredible Capital City, you’ll be hooked on living the American Dream.

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