Fun Facts: How to speak in Irish Slang

Are you thinking of studying in or traveling to Ireland soon? Do you want to speak like a native?

Learn how to speak in Irish slang, with some of these phrases:


Bandjaxed: broken, beyond repair
Example: My bike is banjaxed. I’ll have to buy a new one.


Cod: to fool someone
Example: I’m only codding you!


Craic: fun, good times (PS: we have a full article about the definition of craic)
Example: We all had good craic at the wedding.


Give out: to tell off or complain
Example: I saw his mother giving out to him.


Gas: funny, hilarious
Example: I saw a comedian last week. She was gas.


Grand: fine, well
Example: I’m grand, thanks for asking.


Just after: used for a recently finished action
Example: I’m just after seeing your brother.


Pure/ fierce: Very
Example: That film was fierce/pure good.


Savage/Deadly: very good, fantastic
Example: The gig last night was savage/deadly


Sound: nice person, friendly person
Example: I really like Seán. He’s sound.


What’s the craic?/ What’s the story?: How are you?
Example: Hey Martin, what's the craic?


Yoke: object/thing
Example: Pass me the yoke on the table.


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