Jenna is back and ready for more adventures!


Wait, have you heard the news? Jenna is back on her amazing journey! And she is loving it! Visit Jenna’s video blog to follow her and her film crew as they travel all around our Australia English schools and New Zealand to meet with Kaplan students and teachers.

Everyday, she will post pictures and videos from her amazing journey, so YOU can find out what studying English at Kaplan is really like. You can also ask her or other Kaplan students and teachers any questions you may have.

If you are wondering how life at Kaplan is in Auckland, Christchurch, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns or Perth, this is YOUR chance to get your questions answered. Jenna’s mission is to give you an all-access pass to Kaplan’s schools. Have fun Jenna and say hello to Australia and New Zealand for us! See you in a few weeks!

Love the sound of this project or got your own spectacular Kaplan story to tell? Leave a comment to let us know.

Jenna’s Amazing Journey: After her successful tour in England, the USA and Canada, Jenna came back home.  She brought back pictures and videos with her to share with everyone, and from the pictures you can really tell she lived a once in a lifetime experience!! But the truth is, she missed travelling and having fun with the students from Kaplan International Colleges.

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