Jump to an Experience of a Lifetime

If one jumping shot could take you anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Amongst more than 16 billion photos of cats, sunsets and coffees, the jumping shot is a popular photo theme on Instagram. Kaplan International Colleges has taken this concept and launched its first international Instagram competition: #JumpToKaplan.

Ido Simyoni, Kaplan International’s creative manager and Instagram expert (@ido8all), explains: “Almost everyone on Instagram has at least one jumping shot on their feed (if not more). What we are asking is very simple. Go to our website and check out our destinations.

“Choose your favourite destination and post a new jumping shot on Instagram with the caption ‘I want to jump to Kaplan in…’. You will get the opportunity to be the lucky winner and jump to your dream destination!”

Instagramers from around the world will have two weeks and a half to post their best jumping shots (unlimited per person) declaring which locations they want to visit. They can choose from Auckland, New Zealand to Los Angeles, USA, from London to Vancouver and many more.

A team of judges will choose the top 4 creative and inspiring pictures from the Hashtag #jumptokaplan and then those pictures will be voted on the @kaplaninternational Instagram account for four days.

Simyoni adds: “It will be very interesting to see the creativity of people along with the locations their pictures will be taken in. we are looking to be surprised and to get many people wanting to Jump to Kaplan.”

Kaplan International has been using Instagram for more than a year encouraging students to share content related to their school experience.

Robin Sutherland, Global Marketing Director, said: “Kaplan International is a company that follows the world trends and considers Instagram as one of them.

"Over the last year our students have shared their #kaplanexperience through their social networks and now it’s time for us to give new people from all over the world the opportunity to visit one of our locations and schools just by posting one good jumping shot.”

So have you decided where you want to jump to?

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