Kaplan Australian Schools - Student Interview

With stunning coastlines and beautiful sunny weather, Australia is a popular destination for Kaplan students. Interview with students is the best way of getting to know what a Kaplan student go through in their everyday life.


An impressive destination: Kaplan Perth

We caught up with Nina Anhaia, a Brazilian student at our English school in Perth. With just over 50,000 followers on Instagram, Nina captures her adventures abroad in stunning photos, many of which will leave you envious and eager to travel yourself.

"You know the moments that want to freeze for the rest of your life? This is how I feel about my time studying in Australia.”

“I wanted to stay here to experience a new culture, a new language, and to enjoy paradisiacal places that are extremely unique. I will certainly remember this forthe rest of my life.”

She even got to meet some of the local wildlife


Accents you will never forget

Leticia, from Brazil, is studying a General English course with Kaplan's English school in Perth, Australia. The 20 year old shared her experiences studying an English course in Australia, and what else she plans to do in the country. Find out more about Leticia, her goals and her motivations in today's student profile.

Follow along with Nina's adventures through her blog.  Want to know more about Perth or Australia? Send is your questions in the comment section below. 

Because it's a place where you can be sure that you will have the necessary English classes to improve the way you communicate in English and also have many other opportunities to interact with other students. Another reason to recommend it to my friends would be that here I feel that all the teachers and staff are concerned about my learning and they can help me anytime I want.


A home away from home: Kaplan Sydney

Paula made the most of her time studying abroad by exploring the most beautiful natural landscapes in Australia, making friends from all over the world and improving her English, all at the same time! She returned home with unforgettable experiences and an apprenticeship that opened doors for further professional success. We asked Paula to reflect on her experiences and share stories of her time in Australia. Take a look at her story!

About a year ago I got on an airplane without knowing what sort of experience I was going to have. I was anxious and worried about traveling alone to a place I've never been before, especially a place where the native language was not the same as my own.

My destination was Manly, a beautiful beach 30 minutes from the center of Sydney, Australia. When I arrived, I was greeted by my host family. They were very kind and treated me like their own daughter during 28 weeks I lived abroad.


Adapting to Australian life

Adapting to this new life was much easier than I imagined. I felt at home with my host family and was quickly surrounded by friends from all over the world. Waking up every morning and going to Kaplan made me happy. The school is situated on the seafront and has a beautiful view. I had super fun classes with amazing teachers. The method used by the school is very dynamic and allows for lots of interaction between students, so it’s easy to make new friends. After class, my friends and I would visit different beaches that were close 


Gaining fluency in English

I returned to Brazil with 3 certificates, including my Cambridge English certificate, which was very rewarding because of all the effort I put into becoming fluent in English. I’ll never forget that studying abroad is so much more than just learning a new language; it’s becoming an independent and flexible person. You’ll realize that the world is much bigger than what you are accustomed to and that there are cultures and viewpoints different from our own. Homesickness is a good thing because it will make you learn to value what you have and help you discover that the meaning of life is not material goods, but the people around you and the new discoveries you have.

girl holding snake
Would you hold a snake with your bare hands?


CYCLYING all over australia: kaplan adelaide

Ryosuke Aoki, 21 years old, Japan studied at our Kaplan Adelaide Australia, completing the Intensive English course to graduate as a Higher Intermediate. Ryosuke is taking full advantage of his Kaplan education and using his newfound English skills to travel across Australia with nothing more than a bike, a bag, a working holiday visa, and a bit of ambition.

After Victoria, Ryosuke carried on cycling through the East Coast where he saw Jugiong and Canberra and proceeded to cycle across and down the West Coast stopping in Sydney and Macksville. You may not have heard of some of these small Australian cities, and there's a reason for that - not a lot of foreigners make it out that far! Ryosuke's English lessons came in handy, letting him ask for directions, say hello to locals, chat with fellow farm workers, and just generally feel comfortable in such a different environment.

In total, this ambitious adventure will take around 18 months. Currently, Ryosuke is relaxing around the Gold Coast before he heads off again to reach Brisbane.


tons of activities to do: kaplan melbourne

Areerat, a 33 year old Thai student who took a 6-month long Intensive English course in Melbourne, Australia. She shares her motivations, expectations and experiences at Kaplan.

I recommend visiting both the Melbourne Museum and Aquarium. I like the beautiful city buildings especially in and around Flinders Station. I would like to attend the Australian Open Tennis  Tournament and will try do so if I return to Melbourne in the future.

My language course will be very helpful for my career in international trade. I will be able to confidently write e-mails and speak to customers from many countries. I am considering studying for a Master’s degree in the future and by doing this course, I believe it will help me to achieve my goal.



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