Getting Down to Business: Kaplan's Business English Mega Post Part 2

Getting a job can be hard. Knowing what to look for in a job can be harder. Simply finding where to start on your career path can be the hardest part. Feeling lost? Over the last few months, we’ve been writing articles about business and career English to give you a helping hand with all things professional. Take a look and see what inspires you.


How to get a job

You are perfect for that job you’ve found, but how do you let them know? Brush up on your interview skills and check if your CV could use some improvement with our job hunting tips.


Business English – get a job
Learn how to sell yourself in a job interview


How to get a better job

You might have been happy with the job you have when you first started, but what about when it’s time to move on? Get ahead of the competition with some of our ideas below.


Business English – Job Progression
Progress quickly with these top tips

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Get inspired about different jobs

Are you not sure about what you want your career to be? You’re not alone! Why not take a look at the following for some inspiration?


Business English – different jobs
What kind of job are you looking for?


How do I get a job abroad?

Considering working abroad? It can be daunting, but thoroughly rewarding. See if any of these posts inspire you to plan further.


Business English – Job Abroad
Find a career that lets you travel the world


How to sound like you mean business

You may be walking the walk, but do you talk the talk? Improve your business English vocabulary with these posts.

We also have an entire series of industry specific English vocabulary tips for you to read.


Business English – business vocabulary
Are you ready to take that step towards your dream career?


If you want more, you can dig into our previous compilation of business English posts or you can check out our business English courses and see if studying abroad  that’s the right move for you.

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