Life @ Kaplan: California Catch-Up

Kaplan San Francisco are on a Boat!

This past summer, Kaplan International Center students in San Francisco had a boat cruise party for students. The boat went under the Golden Gate Bridge, where one of the students snapped a photo of this iconic landmark.

Golden Gate Bridge

Two students, Johanna Volz from Germany and Abdullah Almahbub from Saudi Arabia, were also named Prom King & Prom Queen.

Prom Queen and King

In order to add to the festivities, there was also a photo booth for students to remember their night out and show off their American prom! From left to right, Den E Kim, Minji Kim (both from Korea) and Johanna have their photo snapped.

San Francisco Prom

Kaplan Irvine Learn About Earthquakes

Earthquake awareness is an important part of every day life in California. Each year, southern California has about 10,000 earthquakes. Though most of them cannot be felt, there are occasionally some pretty big tremors.

In early October, students from Kaplan International Centers Irvine Valley school attended the Great Californian ShakeOut earthquake drill. These drills help people in homes, schools, and businesses to practice how to be safe during earthquakes.  Maribel Rojas Camargo from Colombia was one of the students who attended. “I think it’s good that Kaplan offers this training regularly. My host family and I now have a place where we can meet if something happens. I feel more prepared.”

Did you see any challenging words in the above blog post? Learn their meanings below!


iconic - a well-known symbol
festivities - 
enjoyable activities for a holiday or other special occasion
tremors - a shaking movement of the ground before or after an earthquake

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