Kaplan City Guide: Cambridge

With its beautiful architecture and rich history, not to mention the world famous university, it’s no wonder that Cambridge is such a popular destination for students to study in. From tourist attractions to transportation tips, we've put together your must-have guide to Cambridge, made entirely from our students' tips.

Visit Cambridge University

"Go and visit the many schools in Cambridge, particularly the prestigious University of Cambridge."

Tip provided by
Ophélie Sextius, France

As the second oldest English-speaking university in the world, the iconic Cambridge University is arguably the most popular attraction in Cambridge. The university has over 31 different colleges and 9 museums that are open to the public throughout the year, a visit which French student Ophélie strongly recommends. Throughout your visit, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the history of the university and its famous alumni, while taking in the truly beautiful architecture of the colleges and surrounding buildings.

students at cambridge
The university is a must-see for any visit to Cambridge.


Getting around the city

“Public transportation is perfect but it can take a lot of time, and it would be better to use a bike.”

Tip provided by:
Assad, Oman

Often referred to as the ‘city of cycling’, Cambridge is a city that it's often best to explore by jumping on a bike. Thanks to the large proportion of cycle lanes, bike racks and one-way systems, it is reported that almost one in every five journeys in Cambridge are made by bike. Although public transportation is available in Cambridge, Omani student Assad noted that while the public transportation in Cambridge is ‘perfect’ it can be very time consuming, and is often better to use a bike.

Ride along the River Cam

“The best time of my stay was riding along the River Cam.”

Tip provided by:
Xiangbo, China

Another tourist attraction that was popular with our students was to go punting along the River Cam. An essential part of any visit to Cambridge, the punting tours take visitors on a tour through the heart of Cambridge, stopping outside the grounds of the university. If you would prefer to enjoy the views of the river by foot, it’s also possible to walk or cycle along the river’s route.

punting river cam
Punting is a great, traditional way to explore the city.


Eating and drinking

“Revolution Bar is a nice place, ideal for starting your evening and it is located in the middle of the city center. Ballare is a nightclub with two dance floors and it suits everybody. Another great place for going out is the Regal; it is a large bar where they play music.”

Tips provided by:
Sabrina Servant (Switzerland) and Ophélie Sextius (France)

As a largely populated student town, Cambridge is not short of places to eat and drink. One of the most popular bars with the students is the Vodka Revolution bar in the city centre, which, according to Swiss student Sabrina, is a nice bar that is ideal for starting your night. For late nights Sabrina recommends Ballare, which is a nightclub with two floors and music to suit everyone, or Regal, which is a large bar where they play music.

For eating, French student Ophélie recommends making a visit to the local market. According to Ophélie, the market serves great fresh food and gourmet cakes for when you want to treat yourself.


Markets are a great place to pick up snacks, groceries, and fun souvenirs for cheap!
Markets are a great place to pick up snacks, groceries, and fun souvenirs for cheap!


Think you’ve got some interesting tips you want to share with us? Then let us know in the comments below!


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