Kaplan City Guide: Los Angeles

Glitzy, glamorous, and famed as the center of the United States film and television industry, Los Angeles is one of the most iconic cities in the world. From it’s streets lined with palm trees to it’s chic boutiques, beautiful beaches, and iconic landmarks, it’s no wonder LA features on bucket lists all over the world.

Whether you’re interested in sightseeing, beach hopping, or merely window shopping, here’s what our Kaplan students had the say about which places where their favorites to visit while they were studying English in Los Angeles.


Hang out in Hollywood 

"Visit tourist attractions like the Hollywood Hills and the Hollywood Walk Of Fame."

Tip provided by:

Manon Weitz, France

Made famous in Hollywood movies and classic films such as Pretty Woman, visiting the Hollywood sign has become the ultimate photo opportunity for many of our students studying in Los Angeles. Although it is visible from all over the city, the iconic sign is also reachable by foot, with many tourists (and locals alike) hiking to the top of the hills to take that favorable photo.

If hiking isn’t your thing, Manon also suggests a visit to Hollywood & Highland to walk along the Hollywood walk of fame. Home of the US film industry and representing the glitz and glamour of the music and television industry, many of our students love visiting the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where they can visit the monuments of their favorite celebrities. Featuring over 2,500 stars and stretching over 15 blocks, the stars bear the names of a selection of musicians, actors, directors and fictional characters.

How many stars can you spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
Walk down the infamous streets of Hollywood.


Hit the skate ramp at Venice Beach

"Go skateboarding at Venice Beach."

Tip provided by: 

Manon Weitz, France

If you’re looking for somewhere with an electric atmosphere, you'll definitely want to visit LA’s most unique seaside destination, Venice Beach. With performers, mimes, artists, singers, and jugglers spread out across the boardwalk, Venice offers a vibrant mix of everything from breakdancing to snake charming. Aside from its performers, the boardwalk also features a funky mix of shops and international street food, where you’ll be able to buy anything from t-shirts to fried avocado balls. It’s also famous for its skateboard park, where you can even rent a skateboard or some roller skates and practice your skills.

" "
Meets some locals and skate at a famous skating location.


Catch the sunset in Santa Monica 

"Visit Santa Monica Pier and beach."

Tip provided by:

Tana Efimova, Russia

Unlike Venice, Santa Monica has a more relaxed atmosphere, and is a lot quieter than the hustle and bustle of Venice beach. While it doesn’t have the craziness of the boardwalk, it does boast the iconic Santa Monica Pier, which features an arcade, Ferris wheel, theme park, and aquarium. With beautiful sandy beaches and a gentle tide, the beach itself is also worth a visit, particularly for those who enjoy surfing and paddle boarding. Whether you spend your time at the beach or on the pier, don't forget to get a picture by the ‘End of the Route’ sign, which symbolises the end of the legendary route 66.

" "
Walk along the beach and watch the sun set behind the Santa Monica Pier.


Eat like a local at In N Out 

"Go for a burger at In N Out!"

Tip provided by: 

Fabian Walkowsky, France

When it comes to eating in Los Angeles, many of our students recommended the infamous ‘In N Out Burger.’ Exclusive to the West Coast and a Californian tradition, In N Out is famous for its fresh burgers, thick shakes, 'animal-style' fries, and secret menu. With a cool, diner vibe, friendly staff, and plenty of locals, eating here is the perfect way to get the true Californian dining experience. What ever you do, just make sure you order your food ‘animal-style’ – trust us, you wont regret it!


Go celebrity spotting in Beverly Hills 

"Take a tour of Beverly Hills."

Tip provided by:

Sophia Bernard, Belgium

If you want the chance to see some celebrities in the flesh, a tour of Beverly Hills is a must. Famous for its celebrity homes and chic boutiques, visitors get the chance to tour the infamous 90210 zip code, where you can admire the homes of celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and Jackie Chan. For fans of the film ‘Pretty Woman’, popping into the Beverly Hills Hotel and shopping on Rodeo Drive is also a must, as you’ll get to re-live the film and visit some of the prime shooting locations.

Take a photo with the iconic Beverly Hills sign
Experience the lifestyles of the famous in Beverly Hills.


Have you studied or visited Los Angeles - do you have any other tips we should share? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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