Students to Benefit from Kaplan's Deal with Liberty Living

Kaplan International Colleges has renewed its student housing agreements with Liberty Living/Brandeaux for a fourth consecutive year.

Kaplan decided to extend its agreement with Liberty Living/Brandeaux until September 2013 due to the high level of customer service offered to its students, while they are studying at Kaplan English language schools for either a few weeks or for a full academic year.

More than 400 students who enrol on Kaplan English courses in London or Manchester stay with Liberty Living/Brandeaux in their high quality residences at Liberty House, London and Sir Charles Grove Hall, Manchester.

Suzanne Yoshikawa, Kaplan Accommodation Operations Manager for the UK & Ireland, said, "Having worked closely with Liberty Living for the past four years in both London and Manchester, we are constantly grateful for the hard work and customer service the residences provide for our students and look forward to continuing our relationship into the future."

Liberty Living were recently voted Best Customer Service provider in the National Student Housing Survey thanks to their student centred approach to housing during both the traditional academic year and increasingly over the summer months.

Charles Marshall, Liberty Living CEO, said: "We are always keen to work with innovative entrants to the higher education market ensuring the provision of attractively located and priced accommodation to their students. So it is particularly pleasing to be developing a wider engagement with Kaplan through a number of its business streams."

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