Kaplan Does the Harlem Shake

Students and staff from Kaplan International Collegeshave released their own versions of the global dance craze “The Harlem Shake”.

English language schools in five different Kaplan locations including Cambridge, Bath, Los Angles, New York and Dublin as well as Kaplan’s sales and marketing team created their own videos, which have been turned into a special montage.

The videos, which include students from around the world, have already reached over 5,000 collective views on YouTube and have generated the most amount of engagement recorded on the participating schools’ Facebook pages.

Hazel Marie Francis, Kaplan’s Social Media Assistant, said: “We love working in collaboration with all of our schools, especially when we get to show the fun side of studying and working here. We’ve had great feedback from all of our staff and students involved, who really enjoyed taking part.

“This project is another example of how social media is forming a fun community between all of our schools, which is starting to have a really strong impact on all of our social channels.”

There are even more Kaplan Harlem Shake videos to come, including an international offering from the Edinburgh and Dublin schools, who filmed their own version in Amsterdam.

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